"This is the two-minute warning," eventually came the words over the public address system. For what? Word that Jim Zorn is no longer coach? Or, in a just world, that Vinny Cerrato, the man who hired him, would be fired first? Or in our fantasies that owner Daniel Snyder would say, "This is more my fault than anybody's," and take responsibility for the whole micro-mismanaging Redskins mess of the last 10 years?

"And let me say this for the record, I know what Redskins fans are saying right now. They're angry, they're upset. Ok, DO something about it. DON'T go to the game Sunday. I'm serious about this. If you really want to send a message to the owner, stop calling radio talk shows, stop sending e-mails to this show, and DON'T GO on Sunday. Don't give the guy your money for parking, for concessions.

"There's really no proven commodities [on the o-line], and now they lose Samuels. You lose Thomas. Now, basically the dam has broken, and there's no way to plug it because there's nobody out there to go get right now. It should have been addressed in the offseason."

Is Jon Gruden or Bill Cowher truly deeply enough in denial to believe he can ... make a patchwork, Band-Aid offensive line that Vinny Cerrato, Washington's executive vice president of football operations, forgot to fix in the offseason somehow mow down a team that finished 30th [Carolina] against the run? That line on Sunday featured a right guard who had not started an NFL game since 2005 and another who had not played a regular season down since 2007.

The ball is in your court FANS. It's in our court to start the process of change. This city and its fans can start up the road to earning and deserving championship caliber teams. One team in town has done it and look at how we are excited about them. This is not far fetched that us--you the fan--have that type of power, because you do....