No, it was tough love [the fans boos after the Rams win]. It was tantamount to saying: "As much as we adore you, you're underachieving horrifically. You're better - way better - than this. And if your performance doesn't improve soon, we're cutting off your allowance and taking away the car keys."

The team and its own management have become adversaries. That was the clear implication this week when Vinny Cerrato, the executive vice president of football operations, asserted that he built a playoff-quality roster. Given that the Redskins are 2-5, we're left with only one possible conclusion: Coach Jim Zorn must have screwed things up. It couldn't possibly be the fault of Cerrato, or the man for whom he serves as a lead suit, owner Daniel Snyder.

The Redskins have never had much sense of timing during the Dan Snyder years. They either do things too early or too late - one of the marks of a mismanaged franchise.

Otherwise Dan will tell coaches what he wants; coaches will sabotage theirselves and the team just to try and stay in his good graces. During my time, Marty was the only head coach that I didn't see fall victim to this, and outside of Zorn, I played for every coach Dan hired.

"I feel bad for Coach Zorn," Cooley said. "I think in a time of crisis, which we're definitely in, I think you have to look at players. "I think you got to look at guys like me and say, 'They have to make big plays for us.' You can't look at coaching and play-calling and say 'this is what's costing this team.' "