But unlike Redskins fans, Snyder can end his despair. He can still write that happy ending to his movie script. It's all on him now. He can fix the dog's breakfast this franchise has become. He can get the Super Bowl trophies and the adulation. He can even get some respect from his fans, his peers, his players. He just had to admit the problem, and get busy solving it.

Clinton Portis said he thought the Redskins had the most talent in the NFL. Comments like that have been common in the Redskins' locker room for the past 10 years -- regardless of all available evidence. Not only is the view tolerated at Redskins Park, it is encouraged and marketed. Where does this fallacy arise? In the owner's suite, where the price of players is equated with their performance?

No offense to Sherm, but this is pure panic from the top from gutless leadership...he leads the charge from the safety of the rear!!!!

And [long time hardcore fans] all hate Snyder. Every one of them. There isn't a longtime fan I know who likes Snyder. They constantly complain about how he abuses their dedication.

"There's enough blame to go around, but let's start at the top with the owner, Dan Snyder, because he thinks you can win the Super Bowl by spending the most money the first day of free agency, and that's never worked," Sharpe said Sunday. "Then you have Vinny Cerrato. He has a situation where he has a radio show. I don't think a player personnel or general manager should talk about the inner workings of what's happening in the organization.