I wonder why more people don't bring up Vinny Cerrato's employment. In the offseason, the Redskins internally decided the offensive line was the reason for their 2-6 slide at the end of 2008. The fact that Zorn had to stand in front of the media gathering at his postgame news conference Sunday and actually admit that Jason Campbell was not allowed to execute any slow-developing plays because his quarterback would be leveled or hurt tells you everything you need to know.

Asked how much he spoke with Lewis before the job was offered, Zorn said, "Zero."

I mean, where are we? Are we in some Third World dictatorship, where people have to tape secret messages on their blankets, hoping only for a covert flash of a TV camera to bring their message to The People? Is that what it's actually coming to? [On having signs confiscated at FedEx]

The man who built the team, however, said the roster he provided coach Jim Zorn is playoff-caliber. "Yes," said Vinny Cerrato, the club's executive vice president of football operations, without hesitation when asked if the roster was good enough to make the postseason.

Even the staunchest "Jim Zorn must go" advocate is averting his eyes today. What Daniel Snyder and Vinny Cerrato are doing to Zorn has all the class and subtlety of the William Wallace death scene in "Braveheart." Do we really need to see Zorn slowly disemboweled for our amusement?