So what do the upper reaches of management do? They tacitly tell the salary-supporting, skybox-filling, Bentley-providing fanbase to shut up. That's right: Signs have officially been banned. Scream all you want, just don't show up with a message that could land on television screens or in media photos. If you bring them, security will insist you check them with the garbage bin attendants. And if you sneak them, you’ll be booted out of the stadium.

Asked about the five-day delay in giving Zorn a tepid vote of confidence, Cerrato said: “Dan [Snyder], myself and the organization want this to be successful. We expected to be 3-3 [after entering the KC game 2-3]. It took a little bit of time to recover from the loss and then figure out what we’re going to do and what’s what we did.” That's hilarious. They waited five minutes after the game to make the play-calling decision.

The man who built the team, however, said the roster he provided coach Jim Zorn is playoff-caliber. "Yes," said Vinny Cerrato, the club's executive vice president of football operations, without hesitation when asked if the roster was good enough to make the postseason.

No, it was tough love [the fans boos after the Rams win]. It was tantamount to saying: "As much as we adore you, you're underachieving horrifically. You're better - way better - than this. And if your performance doesn't improve soon, we're cutting off your allowance and taking away the car keys."

It starts not only with the players and the coaches. It starts with the ownership. They bring everybody in, and they've got last say-so of everything, so that's where it starts, I guess.