Joe called me several days after he re-retired to let me know some of the factors back home that went into his decision. However, it would be impossible for anybody as decent as Gibbs to work for four years for Snyder and not have days when he wanted to scream. Dan just doesn't know how to give proper respect to others.

Unfortunately, for Zorn and his staff, the experts say there's only one effective way to deal with a toxic manager who is ruining a company. Leave.

To the people who think the owner won't listen, FedEx Field holds just under 100 thousand fans. If half of them lined up at the front door of Redskins Park and requested a meeting about accountability all at the same time, or even wrote your concerns down and left it there, it may make a difference. Would show how die hard a fan you are how much you care. How much ACCOUNTABILITY we have.

It starts not only with the players and the coaches. It starts with the ownership. They bring everybody in, and they've got last say-so of everything, so that's where it starts, I guess.

Snyder couldn't get a half dozen candidates to take the job in 2008 before promoting Zorn from recently-hired offensive coordinator. Nothing has changed to make the job any more enticing. Indeed, Snyder's recent moves once more show his impatience that would keep any marquee prospect from coming to Washington. Clearly, Snyder hasn't grown as an owner over 10 years.