Otherwise Dan will tell coaches what he wants; coaches will sabotage theirselves and the team just to try and stay in his good graces. During my time, Marty was the only head coach that I didn't see fall victim to this, and outside of Zorn, I played for every coach Dan hired.

Forget all the subtle analysis about what the latest moves by the Washington Redskins signify. What's going on is plain: Management is sabotaging the head coach.

The only way the Redskins will ever get better will be to hire a real general manager who gets to be a real general manager and then worry about a coach.

Joe called me several days after he re-retired to let me know some of the factors back home that went into his decision. However, it would be impossible for anybody as decent as Gibbs to work for four years for Snyder and not have days when he wanted to scream. Dan just doesn't know how to give proper respect to others.

And [long time hardcore fans] all hate Snyder. Every one of them. There isn't a longtime fan I know who likes Snyder. They constantly complain about how he abuses their dedication.