Why in the world would you bring in a "consultant" who has been calling bingo and not even been in the league without telling your head coach? Why would you bring in anybody to interact with your team without telling the coach? Why would you undermine your coach's authority that way? And why do the Redskins never learn ANY lesson?

To the people who think the owner won't listen, FedEx Field holds just under 100 thousand fans. If half of them lined up at the front door of Redskins Park and requested a meeting about accountability all at the same time, or even wrote your concerns down and left it there, it may make a difference. Would show how die hard a fan you are how much you care. How much ACCOUNTABILITY we have.

No offense to Sherm, but this is pure panic from the top from gutless leadership...he leads the charge from the safety of the rear!!!!

The Redskins have never had much sense of timing during the Dan Snyder years. They either do things too early or too late - one of the marks of a mismanaged franchise.

And [long time hardcore fans] all hate Snyder. Every one of them. There isn't a longtime fan I know who likes Snyder. They constantly complain about how he abuses their dedication.