If you're a fan still backing Snyder, you're a sucker. Maybe even a defendant.

We appear to be at the point where Snyder and/or others in his charge are angry. They'll show Washington. They'll show anybody who doesn't get in line. They'll charge among the highest prices in the league, bring you into the worst gameday pro football experience in America, overcharge you for it, then tell you to enjoy it -- or damn well act like it. Take on Snyder, and Redskins management will take you out.

The players, who spoke on condition that their names not be used, said they had hoped management would soon release a statement endorsing Zorn to silence any doubts about his immediate future to eliminate what they said has become a daily distraction.

Zorn told a roomful of reporters that he spoke briefly with team owner Daniel Snyder following Sunday's loss. "I'll be spending a lot of time with him as we go along this week," Zorn said. "No question."

For instance, if the Redskins have a playoff roster, then how come last summer they spent so much time shopping around for a new quarterback, chasing Jay Cutler and Mark Sanchez, and in the process devaluing Jason Campbell? The implication was that they deemed Campbell, arguably their most important player, inadequate. Whether Campbell really is or not, they sent a message to his teammates that they had no confidence in him.