The crowd did not boo, either. Instead, in a sight I can never remember at a sporting event, the fans spontaneously shared a moment of silence, a communal mortification, as they stood witness to the bleakest moment -- all factors considered -- in the history of the Redskins franchise.

So what do the upper reaches of management do? They tacitly tell the salary-supporting, skybox-filling, Bentley-providing fanbase to shut up. That's right: Signs have officially been banned. Scream all you want, just don't show up with a message that could land on television screens or in media photos. If you bring them, security will insist you check them with the garbage bin attendants. And if you sneak them, you’ll be booted out of the stadium.

"There's enough blame to go around, but let's start at the top with the owner, Dan Snyder, because he thinks you can win the Super Bowl by spending the most money the first day of free agency, and that's never worked," Sharpe said Sunday. "Then you have Vinny Cerrato. He has a situation where he has a radio show. I don't think a player personnel or general manager should talk about the inner workings of what's happening in the organization.

The ball is in your court FANS. It's in our court to start the process of change. This city and its fans can start up the road to earning and deserving championship caliber teams. One team in town has done it and look at how we are excited about them. This is not far fetched that us--you the fan--have that type of power, because you do....

Even the staunchest "Jim Zorn must go" advocate is averting his eyes today. What Daniel Snyder and Vinny Cerrato are doing to Zorn has all the class and subtlety of the William Wallace death scene in "Braveheart." Do we really need to see Zorn slowly disemboweled for our amusement?