Even the staunchest "Jim Zorn must go" advocate is averting his eyes today. What Daniel Snyder and Vinny Cerrato are doing to Zorn has all the class and subtlety of the William Wallace death scene in "Braveheart." Do we really need to see Zorn slowly disemboweled for our amusement?

Otherwise Dan will tell coaches what he wants; coaches will sabotage theirselves and the team just to try and stay in his good graces. During my time, Marty was the only head coach that I didn't see fall victim to this, and outside of Zorn, I played for every coach Dan hired.

The players, who spoke on condition that their names not be used, said they had hoped management would soon release a statement endorsing Zorn to silence any doubts about his immediate future to eliminate what they said has become a daily distraction.

And [long time hardcore fans] all hate Snyder. Every one of them. There isn't a longtime fan I know who likes Snyder. They constantly complain about how he abuses their dedication.

Why in the world would you bring in a "consultant" who has been calling bingo and not even been in the league without telling your head coach? Why would you bring in anybody to interact with your team without telling the coach? Why would you undermine your coach's authority that way? And why do the Redskins never learn ANY lesson?