Me? I'd go to Polian and offer him $30 million to come and run my team, which is a $70 million savings on Albert Haynesworth, who is playing just more than half the plays. Jimmy Johnson knows exactly what he's talking about and Polian knows exactly what he's doing. (And another head coach with a Super Bowl ring recently told Snyder much the same thing.)

No offense to Sherm, but this is pure panic from the top from gutless leadership...he leads the charge from the safety of the rear!!!!

The owner should have known the winning cure a long time ago: hire a competent, professional general manager. Yet he refuses to do it because that wouldn't be as much fun for him. I've said it before, and I say it again more than ever: It looks to me like Snyder would rather be the center of power on a losing team than a peripheral figure on a winning one.

"Hail to the Redskins" blares through FedEx Field's speakers as a nostalgic montage of black-and-white photos and faces appears on the video boards. The good and loyal fans, the people who now pay for memories more than a game, stand in unison. They sing and pump their fists to the heavens. For a few brief moments the last line of those lyrics -- "Fight for old D.C.!" -- almost transports them back to Pleasantville.

We appear to be at the point where Snyder and/or others in his charge are angry. They'll show Washington. They'll show anybody who doesn't get in line. They'll charge among the highest prices in the league, bring you into the worst gameday pro football experience in America, overcharge you for it, then tell you to enjoy it -- or damn well act like it. Take on Snyder, and Redskins management will take you out.