Zorn told a roomful of reporters that he spoke briefly with team owner Daniel Snyder following Sunday's loss. "I'll be spending a lot of time with him as we go along this week," Zorn said. "No question."

No offense to Sherm, but this is pure panic from the top from gutless leadership...he leads the charge from the safety of the rear!!!!

Wealthy kid with every advantage -- brains, pedigree, expensive "tutors" to write term papers for him -- who flunks out of school through sheer, unyielding arrogance. Yet remains rich. So who really cares about failing? Grade: F-minus

I would tell fans this: remember those times, keep them in your heart always. But it's time to move on. You can't let memories from two decades ago rule your feelings today. It's like hanging onto a relationship that was over years ago.

We're talking about a franchise that undermined its starting quarterback over the summer, a franchise that sued financially strapped ticket holders during a recession while swearing to the longest waiting list for season tickets in professional sports, a franchise whose fans resorted to booing during and after the very first home game of the season, even though it was a victory.