"This is the two-minute warning," eventually came the words over the public address system. For what? Word that Jim Zorn is no longer coach? Or, in a just world, that Vinny Cerrato, the man who hired him, would be fired first? Or in our fantasies that owner Daniel Snyder would say, "This is more my fault than anybody's," and take responsibility for the whole micro-mismanaging Redskins mess of the last 10 years?

If you're a fan still backing Snyder, you're a sucker. Maybe even a defendant.

"There's really no proven commodities [on the o-line], and now they lose Samuels. You lose Thomas. Now, basically the dam has broken, and there's no way to plug it because there's nobody out there to go get right now. It should have been addressed in the offseason."

Gibbs was a master in these situations. He always blamed himself first, profusely - and thus shamed his players into playing better. Zorn, on the other hand, would rather tell everybody (as he did again Monday): "We have tremendous talent on this football team." To which I would reply: You have tremendously well-paid talent. A tremendously talented team doesn't lose to the Lions and almost lose to the Rams.

The man who built the team, however, said the roster he provided coach Jim Zorn is playoff-caliber. "Yes," said Vinny Cerrato, the club's executive vice president of football operations, without hesitation when asked if the roster was good enough to make the postseason.