You can spend your time arguing about whether the coach should be fired this week or in four weeks or in six. The changes that will ultimately change losing to winning need to be big ones initiated and implemented by people who have spent their time doing football things, not marketing or making money or playing bingo in blissful retirement.

I mean, where are we? Are we in some Third World dictatorship, where people have to tape secret messages on their blankets, hoping only for a covert flash of a TV camera to bring their message to The People? Is that what it's actually coming to? [On having signs confiscated at FedEx]

Snyder couldn't get a half dozen candidates to take the job in 2008 before promoting Zorn from recently-hired offensive coordinator. Nothing has changed to make the job any more enticing. Indeed, Snyder's recent moves once more show his impatience that would keep any marquee prospect from coming to Washington. Clearly, Snyder hasn't grown as an owner over 10 years.

No, it was tough love [the fans boos after the Rams win]. It was tantamount to saying: "As much as we adore you, you're underachieving horrifically. You're better - way better - than this. And if your performance doesn't improve soon, we're cutting off your allowance and taking away the car keys."

And [long time hardcore fans] all hate Snyder. Every one of them. There isn't a longtime fan I know who likes Snyder. They constantly complain about how he abuses their dedication.