Asked how much he spoke with Lewis before the job was offered, Zorn said, "Zero."

Why in the world would you bring in a "consultant" who has been calling bingo and not even been in the league without telling your head coach? Why would you bring in anybody to interact with your team without telling the coach? Why would you undermine your coach's authority that way? And why do the Redskins never learn ANY lesson?

Many players were upset that Portis felt emboldened enough to make such a request [asking for Sellers to be benched], sources said, but the incident also served to highlight an apparent broader unhappiness with the running back among many of his teammates, who believe he holds himself to a different standard than them and often has simply chosen not to practice. These players say that Portis's behavior stems in part from his close relationship, at least in prior seasons, with Snyder.

For instance, if the Redskins have a playoff roster, then how come last summer they spent so much time shopping around for a new quarterback, chasing Jay Cutler and Mark Sanchez, and in the process devaluing Jason Campbell? The implication was that they deemed Campbell, arguably their most important player, inadequate. Whether Campbell really is or not, they sent a message to his teammates that they had no confidence in him.

Unfortunately, for Zorn and his staff, the experts say there's only one effective way to deal with a toxic manager who is ruining a company. Leave.