The only way the Redskins will ever get better will be to hire a real general manager who gets to be a real general manager and then worry about a coach.

Asked how much he spoke with Lewis before the job was offered, Zorn said, "Zero."

The man who built the team, however, said the roster he provided coach Jim Zorn is playoff-caliber. "Yes," said Vinny Cerrato, the club's executive vice president of football operations, without hesitation when asked if the roster was good enough to make the postseason.

None of this was necessary. I said it them. I'll say I told you so now. When a coach like Joe Gibbs comes back to town for four years to fix your mess, you take his advice. You retain the people he put in place. You don't put Williams through a ridiculous 10-hour job interview that is tantamount to "get lost." You don't hire a "West Coast offense" quarterback coach from Seattle and make him your offensive coordinator, then elevate him to head coach when nobody famous wants the position.

Forget all the subtle analysis about what the latest moves by the Washington Redskins signify. What's going on is plain: Management is sabotaging the head coach.